empowered, strong and capable

I remember my first Kinstretch class and how Alex said she was there to help us learn more about our bodies, understand their individual ranges of movement, and keep them moving well. Whether through group class instruction, video, email, or private training, she has always delivered.

Her approach, both intellectual and practical, is directed by empathy. In other words, she gets that life is different for everyone. The knowledge she brings is universally applicable, but the private training programme is tailored to my goals, needs, and lifestyle. In our sessions, she is supportive and patient, innovative and fun. Working with her has been one of the highlights of the year for me.

She is teaching me how to invest in my health with 10-20 mins of Kinstretch a day, going over problem areas with clear intention and attention. I’m changing my body, expanding and maintaining the range of things it can do. It makes me feel hopeful and empowered, strong and capable.