My mission is to empower you to make lasting changes in how you move and feel in your body.

I created MY Move to combine my passions for mobility, yoga and other forms of human movement.

My mission is to help you understand how your body moves (or doesn’t move) and empower you with strategies and techniques to make lasting changes in how you move. When we move better, we feel better in our bodies. While movement in general is important for our health, we must be prepared for what we want/need our bodies to do.

 My main focus is to ensure that you own the prerequisites to move how you want to move. This starts at the joint-level, since every movement we make has at least one joint as a central factor. The greater the freedom of movement in your joints, the better you will be at moving and using your body in life and whatever physical activities you want to do.

Classes with me will help you:


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