Improve How You Move

Unlock your movement potential with Kinstretch classes.


Movement Expansion

The greater the freedom of movement in your joints, the
better you will be at moving and using your body in life and whatever sports activities you want to do.

Strength and Control

Building stronger, better functioning, and more resilient joints that you can control throughout your body’s movements gives you functional mobility.

Injury/Pain Mitigation

By gaining strength and capacity in your joints and creating more varied movement options, you give yourself a strong foundation to mitigate
injury and reduce chronic pain.

Prioritize your mobility so that you can move better and feel better.

It’s never too early or too late to start!

Kinstretch is joint-specific strength training to develop body awareness and control, improve flexibility and create usable ranges of motion. Instead of focusing building muscle and strength through movement patterns, Kinstretch focuses on training overall joint capacity.

The health and range of motion of our joints tend to deteriorate both with age and our current lifestyle. By improving your joint health and mobility, you improve your movement quality. By improving your movement quality, you get to do whatever you love doing better and with more ease.


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Sample Classes

These videos will give you a feel for some techniques used in Kinstretch classes and my teaching style.

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